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Card Guardians: Rogue Deck RPG v2.11.0 Мод APK (Бесконечные деньги)

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    Android 5.1 (LOLLIPOP_MR1)

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Dfast Desc

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Welcome to the world of Valentia! Build your deck of cards and prepare for strategic CCG battles against monsters and the Guardians of Chaos.

Download FREE* Card Guardians: embark on a fantastic roguelike adventure game: win battles against monsters and build a card battle deck.

The Land of Valentia was at peace for thousands of years until the Day of Chaos came and spread mysterious magic that corrupted the living creatures of all realms.

☠️ Choose the hero of your RPG adventure, create CCG battle strategies, and discover various unexplored realms And beware of dangers!

✨ Download this card game to have fun in this RPG adventure, and discover a story of the epic war.

Become the master duel of the deck of card battle, and explore a roguelike world with dangers and epic stories!

Card Deck Building RPG

To free Valentia from the Magic of Chaos, you need the best deck of card battle. The more levels you advance, the more cards you get to build your RPG strategy.

As the hero, you have to build the best CCG card deck, set up battle strategies, and free all enemies overtaken by Magic of Chaos and threatening the peace of Valentia.

There are dungeons, castles, forests, and deserts that harbor dangerous enemies, with the difficulty of roguelike games.

⚔️ RPG Strategy Battles

Beware the Chaos Guardians! At the end of each kingdom, you will encounter powerful bosses in the style of roguelike games, which will require the best card battle deck.

Explore your enemies' weaknesses and build the best RPG strategy to achieve victory and unlock the realms.

A tactical error can spell your doom in this roguelike world. So, be careful to defeat your enemies, and earn new battles.

️ Medieval Kingdom Exploration

The world of Valentia has kingdoms to be discovered. However, these kingdoms have unknown enemy species, dominated by Chaos Magic, and protecting various treasures, card battle, and equipment that will be important in your RPG adventure.

*Card Guardians: Deck Builder is a free offline CCG game. However, the card game has extra features and additional items that are optional for gameplay.

Информация о моде

  • Изобилие подарка, настойчивость, разблокированные брюки
    Guardians: Rogue Deck RPG-это захватывающая игра, которая сочетает в себе элементы построения палубы с RPG Gameplay. был разблокирован, предоставляя игрокам повышенную мощность и способности. Это заставляет игроков вкладывать средства в игру. Необходимо играть для поклонников карточных игр и RPGS.

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